A process undertaken by parties (in dispute) to find solutions to their problems suitably aided by a neutral called, the Mediator is in summary, the Mediation Process. This process is totally flexible, voluntary, and confidential.

Mediation in its essence is a total departure from the adjudication model adopted in other mechanisms and it shifts the focus to a client empowered and controlled collaborative process to explore amicable solutions. As a team effort, it explores settlement based on the needs and interests of the parties involved suiting the situation / context. The process does not focus on proving either side right or wrong. To some, winning a dispute is winning a war and it is especially important for them to understand that ‘the war never determines who is right, it only tells you who is left’. Similarly, you might win a dispute by proving yourself right, but you might lose your relationship for ever and that is what Mediation attempts to save. Mediation enables creative solutions which may not be visible initially when the parties have taken strong positions, as that often widens the gap breaking the communication channels.

Mediation process involves setting up a communication platform and a fresh perspective to view and review the situation (disputes and the probable causes). Mediator works closely with the parties to enable them to have an open mindset and a receptive mind to see and appreciate the perspective of the other side and also to put forth their own views for the benefit of the other side. The ‘intent to resolve’ and ‘an open mindset’ is the key pre-requisite to resolve the problem or the dispute. Mediation as a concept, being mindful of the interests and needs, explores what might be relevant as a deserving remedy for respective parties, even if that remedy does not find a mention in the original wish list of either of the party. It’s a departure from ‘winner takes all’ orall or nothing’ approach and would always endeavour to ensure a ‘win-win’ situation - depending on who deserves what, believing in the concept of Joint Gains..

Based on our experience, majority of solutions are a combination of ‘give and take’ (of both tangible and intangibles) and rightly so as they are mutually decided by the parties and for their own best interests. The process only acts as a catalyst for settlements by opening /strengthening a communication channel through a neutral. Parties at times, do not know whether and how much are they near or far from a solution unless they sit down and explore settlement duly aided, professionally.

After their successful experience, party(s) have described Mediation - a branch of ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution), as not only the Alternate, but Appropriate, Amicable, Accelerated or the Actual Dispute Resolution Process.

Highlights of Mediation – Its Features and Benefits

  • Voluntary exercise throughout the process with an option of any time termination
  • Full flexibility in respect of speed, language, process, procedure, law
  • Mediation process being a Confidential process, Mediator cannot be brought in as a witness or be compelled to provide evidence. Similarly, all the discussions during the Mediation proceedings are confidential. Any exception would require specific permission of the parties concerned.
  • Time and Cost Effective: The Parties have complete control on how long they would want to continue and try for settlement and this gives them full control on the process timelines and cost.
  • Party autonomy is ensured and assured throughout the mediation process
  • Settlement agreement is only possible when both sides agree. Neutral / Mediator does not impose his views or influences the process in any manner. Parties identify the solution and don’t have to depend on the third party for the same
  • Enforcement of the Settlement Agreement - The settlement agreement, if required so, can take the shape of an award under section 73 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. (further section 74 defines the status and effect of settlement agreement stating that “the settlement agreement shall have the same status and effect as if it is an arbitral award on agreed terms on the substance of the dispute rendered by an arbitral tribunal under section 30”)
  • Mediation being a voluntary exercise, helps in savings Relationships. Nobody has to lose to make the other win. It believes in a win-win situation for both the sides.
  • Other legal options to protect the respective rights stay and are not lost/exhausted in case parties find themselves not reaching or agreeing to any amicable solutions.

Areas of Mediation

  • Commercial Contracts and related disputes between parties to the contracts or disputes between corporates on related/other issues.
  • Workplace: Disputes with regards to employment, termination, etc.
  • Family: Disputes in family, family succession, division, and related issues.
  • Community – Cases wherever Groups/Society at large, get involved (including RWA’s, builders, etc).

We @ Missing Bridge attempt to assist you and help you overcome these differences in a professional manner.

Our USP @ Missing Bridge is to help you discover ‘the other side’, and bring you closer to the solution. We want you also, to walk out smiling 😉


Mental Health is the foundation for effective functioning and well-being for both individuals and communities where they live.

In a rapidly changing world where everybody seems to be leading a fast-paced life one can see individuals across all age groups grappling with various issues and suffering silently in absence of necessary support, guidance, and help.

We come across innumerable different situations, we make decisions, we confront emotions, we interact with different personalities, we face dilemmas, we achieve goals, we suffer from failures, and the cycle continues. Little do we realise how every experience leaves an imprint on us and changes us for better or worse. These experiences manifest themselves in different ways in different people. It is imperative to deal with the said emotions and manifestations in the correct manner to ensure a healthy, balanced mind. 

At times not knowing we need help ( lack of awareness ), at times not knowing whom to approach and most of the times choosing to ignore the seriousness of the situation ( thinking the issue will get resolved on its own with the passage of time ) could all result in painful suffering and often serious consequences.

This is essentially where counselling comes into play.

Counselling is a process that helps individuals to attain better mental health and wellbeing. It helps clients to gain awareness of self, develop insight, understand their thought processes and feelings and identify and work towards potential solutions to challenging issue they face at different stages in life.
It focusses on different needs of clients ranging from coping skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, self-esteem issues, relationship challenges, parenting issues, school difficulties, career planning, etc.

The need for a sound mental health for effective functioning at any age and stage cannot be over- emphasised. The awareness in this direction has led to the acceptance of counselling as an effective and important tool towards achieving the above goal. Talking about mental health and discussing issues which interfere with our lives’ normal functioning is no longer a stigma.

We @ Missing Bridge, work towards helping clients deal with these wide range of issues and move towards a healthier, happier, and fulfilling lives.


Parenting is the most beautiful yet the most challenging experience of any parent’s life. The arrival of the little bundle of joy changes the entire course of an individual’s life and becomes the most joyous and memorable moment for both the parents and the extended family.

However, with increased responsibility and change in priorities also comes along numerous fears and doubts in a parent’s mind.

Questions like , “How do I bring up my child to be the best? , What is best for my child? , How do I ensure my child’s happiness and successful future?, What if I go wrong? , Will I be a good parent?, etc.” keep boggling a parent’s mind. And one often turns to Parenting books, numerous Parenting websites, members of extended family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and even other parents for advice and guidance on their numerous questions but in the end is still not sure whether the help received will really be helpful indeed.

And rightly so

Because each child is unique and there are several factors that go into making him what he/she is, therefore a thorough understanding of child’s temperament, behaviour and upbringing, etc, is required to help the child grow into a sensitive, smart and responsible individual.

As children grow and move from one stage to another (infancy, childhood, pre-adolescence, adolescence) the nature of issues and concerns change and pose different challenges for the parents.

Parents try their best to be the best and perfect parents, maintain a healthy relationship and communication with their children but are not always successful and satisfied with their efforts. There are heartbreaks, disappointments, blocked communication channels, anger, fear, resentment, aggression at both sides.

The invasion of technology in our lives (both parent’s and child’s), the increasing social and professional commitments, the role and strong influence of friends, the changing family structure and dynamics and numerous other factors have a very significant impact on our relationship with our children. And to top it all is the eternal “Generation Gap” which limits our understanding of each other’s perspective.

It’s not that that the parents want to control their children or lack trust in them, or children don’t respect their parents or do not need their guidance. What is missing and probably disturbing to both is the absence of a clear understanding of what one needs and expects from the other.

To deal with these frustrations and underlying confusions, it is essential that parents seek proper guidance and understanding about the child’s different stages of development and the issues, concerns and challenges that surface at every stage of growing up. This not only equips them with the necessary parenting skills and strategies but also gives them the confidence   in self as a parent and helps in forming a healthy and loving relationship with their children which is mutually satisfying.

We @ Missing Bridge assist you in allaying your fears and doubts concerning your parenting skills by helping you understand your child and his needs better and answering those numerous unanswered questions.

We help you Nurture Caring and Positive Homes.

We cover the following areas:

  • Managing Parenting Stress
  • Academic Concerns of Children
  • Behavioural Issues of children
  • Adolescent Issues
  • Common Childhood Problems
  • Work- Life Balance
  • Strengthening Communication with your Children


In the course of a child’s development from one stage of life to another he/she comes across various issues and concerns which seem confusing, unsettling, sometimes even threatening but most of the time significant enough to create disturbance and restlessness in their lives.

Each stage is loaded with its fair share of challenges, and often requires a support and guidance in the form of a parent, teacher grandparents, friend, or a mentor.

Whether it is childhood, adolescence, adulthood or old age, the nature of problems is unique to the respective age and stage of the individual’s life.

Children and Adolescents often in their growing-up years face multiple issues which need serious attention and guidance. These issues could be pertaining to their academics, friendships, relationships with family and siblings, growing-up, school, career, etc.

Many a times a sincere and genuine advice from someone they know, and trust helps them with the situation at hand.  But there are instances and issues which require a professional guidance. Also, it is seen that children often shy away from discussing or sharing concerns with their parents, teachers, or other loved ones because it makes them uncomfortable. Children and Adolescents often feel that they will either not be understood or will be misunderstood by the significant adults. The fear of being judged often overpowers the need to share and seek help.

Right guidance and support at each juncture is crucial to ensure that the children keep moving in the right direction and grow up to become independent, competent and responsible adults who are not only happy and successful in their lives but also a true asset to their families and society at large.

We @ Missing Bridge aim to help Children and Adolescents develop and enhance important life skills and provide them with necessary guidance so that they can deal with different issues in their lives and move ahead with confidence and better clarity.

We cover the following areas:

  • Academic Concerns
  • Adolescence and Growing up Issues
  • Friendships, Relationships
  • Life Skills