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To err is human, to forgive divine:

(We all are humans, and we are bound to err. If it is not us, it may be the other side, but then, may be the other side too thinks the same about us…. Hence never a bad idea to think afresh and have a different perspective to see “the other side”. Maybe.. we see the light not at the end of the tunnel, but much prior…may be…. we need not to wait till the end…may be..

We help you see that light; else we help you create the same.)


A stitch in time saves nine

(It would be great if either side, thinks about the pros and cons of the conflict, about the dispute, about the harassment and frustration and uncertainty and also the time and effort, apart from cost….but even if one side gets to understand that there is sense in stitching it, just in time and saving on all of the above, apart from saving the relationship, we feel, half the battle is won… and that is the beginning of a new chapter… the solutions do not always happen when both the parties agree, they start happening when even one of them revisits the issue/situation afresh, with an open mind. We help you, stitch in time.)

Through MISSING BRIDGE, we bring to you two important services of “Mediation and Counselling” under one umbrella

Missing Bridge is an attempt to assist and help people (whether in their personal capacities or as part of a set up) to

  • Overcome the disputes and disagreements they have with others (through Mediation)
  • Move towards a happier, healthier, and productive life by attaining better mental health and wellbeing (through Counselling).


Mediation (also known as Assisted Negotiation in certain jurisdictions) is primarily an Alternate Dispute Resolution Process. 

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, and completely flexible process adopted by parties in dispute as they adopt a collaborative approach of finding an amicable solution to the dispute by interaction with each other.  This process is ably coordinated and supported by a third party called Neutral or a Mediator. It calls for a total creative approach to find solutions (which may not be visible at all initially) through a process in which parties remain in control of the dialogue / conversation and the Mediator controls the process. (It is carried out by assisting parties to bridge the gap created by distrust and the positions so taken, by establishing a cordial atmosphere and an effective communication channel.) The settlement is achieved by the parties themselves, suiting their needs, interests, and the situation. This is more from the perspective of making the parties better off than before and not with an intent of proving either of them right or wrong.

Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution is both an Art and a Science. There are numerous reasons why we have conflicts and disputes and numerous ways we go about in resolving those conflicts and disputes. The most noble and flexible amongst them being Mediation. It is a voluntary process and continues to be that way all through, till it is formally closed.

Intent @ Missing Bridge is finding a solution amicably, saving the relationship between the parties and ensuring gains and victory for all. This has happened earlier, and this can happen again.

Take the first step and half the battle is won.


Counselling is a process that helps individuals attain better mental health and wellbeing. It helps them to gain awareness of self, develop insight, understand their thought processes and feelings, and identify and work towards potential solutions to challenging issues they face at different stages in life.

The need for a sound mental health for effective functioning at any age and stage cannot be over- emphasised. The awareness in this direction has led to the acceptance of counselling as an effective and important tool towards achieving the above goal.

We @ Missing bridge, work towards helping our clients deal with a wide range of issues and move towards a healthier, happier, and fulfilling lives.