Core Programme

Missing Bridge, as a Centre for Conflict Management, embodies a vision of transforming discord into opportunities for growth. Rooted is in the belief that conflicts can be resolved through better understanding and communication. The focus under core programme would be advocacy of Mediation, Negotiation, and effective Communication techniques, raising awareness about the benefits of non-adversarial dispute resolution methods.

The core programme enables provision of training, education and support to provide and promote peaceful solutions. The aim is to empower individuals and organizations to proactively address conflicts, contributing to a more peaceful society.  

As part of our core program, we offer a contract review service conducted by our team of project managers. They specialize in identifying potential areas of disputes and vulnerabilities in contracts, helping clients proactively address issues before they escalate. Additionally, for contracts where disputes have already arisen, our conflict managers step in to review the situation. They analyze the dispute, suggest means for resolution, and if necessary, initiate dialogue or mediation/negotiation with the other party. Please write at 

Direct Programme

Following are the programmes implemented and monitored by Missing Bridge in the specified areas

Real Estate

These disputes often arise due to delays in project completion, quality of construction, or issues related to possession and registration. Our approach involves facilitating dialogue between builders and buyers, exploring options for amicable settlements, and ensuring that the interests of both the sides is fairly taken care of. The tussle between RERA and IBC in the Real Estate space has added to the confusion and challenges. Through mediation and negotiation, we aim to achieve amicable solutions that are mutually acceptable and sustainable, thereby restoring trust and harmony in these transactions.


For the business community, we focus on resolving Workplace and Business/Commercial disputes. These disputes can range from employment conflicts and contractual disagreements to issues related to business operations and partnerships. Our goal is to provide MSMEs with the necessary tools and support to address these disputes effectively, minimizing disruptions to their operations and promoting a conducive work environment. Through tailored strategies and interventions, we aim to foster healthy workplace relationships and sustainable business practices across the MSME space. Further with an added focus on preventive measures to reduce the conflicts, our associate partners, “Early Warning, Europe” bring their expertise in early detection of commercial distress and provide required assistance in resolving these situations.

Start Ups

In the Start-ups ecosystem, we are addressing Investor-Founder disputes, which can hinder the growth and success of promising ventures. These disputes often revolve around issues such as equity ownership, decision-making authority, and conflicting visions for the company. Our approach involves facilitating constructive dialogue between investors and founders, exploring options for resolution that align with the long-term interests of the startup, and ensuring that legal and regulatory requirements are met. By promoting transparency, communication, and collaboration, we aim to resolve these disputes in a manner that preserves the integrity and viability of the startup without leading to any hurdles in the operations, which are critical for any start up at those nascent stages.

IBC (Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code)

Within the framework of the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC), Missing Bridge is advocating for the use of Mediation across IBC processes. The IBC provides a mechanism for resolving insolvency and bankruptcy cases in a time-bound manner. However, the adversarial nature of the process is often leading to prolonged litigations and related delays in resolution, defeating the very essence of the code, which promoted the time, bound resolutions for the maximization of the value of the assets in question. By promoting Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, we aim to streamline the resolution process, reduce the burden on the legal system, and facilitate more efficient and amicable outcomes for all stakeholders involved, including Insolvency Professionals, Resolution Applicants and Creditors.


In addressing Community issues, Missing Bridge is focusing on resolving conflicts within society. These conflicts can arise from various sources, including cultural differences, socio-economic disparities, and competing interests. Our approach involves engaging with community leaders, stakeholders, and affected individuals to understand the root causes of these conflicts and identify most optimal path to resolution. Through dialogue, education, and advocacy, we aim to promote mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect within communities, ultimately contributing to a more harmonious and inclusive society.


In the realm of Environmental disputes, Missing Bridge is committed to addressing issues related to Climate Change. These disputes often involve conflicts over natural resource management, land use, and environmental protection measures. Our approach involves working with environmental experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to identify sustainable solutions that mitigate the impacts of Climate Change, manage the related risk and promote environmental sustainability. By fostering collaboration and consensus building, we aim to protect the environment for future generations and promote responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

Cross Border

In addressing Cross-Border disputes, Missing Bridge is focused on finding peaceful and mutually beneficial solutions across international boundaries. These disputes can arise due to trade conflicts, diplomatic tensions, and involve territorial disputes. Our approach involves facilitating dialogue between the parties involved, exploring options for conflict resolution that respect the sovereignty and interests of affected states, and promoting peaceful coexistence and cooperation on a global scale. Through our efforts, we aim to contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous world, where nations can resolve their differences through dialogue and diplomacy.

Partner Programme

Partnership Programmes are implemented as result of collaborations between Missing Bridge and other bodies or organizations who would want to participate in the space of Conflict Management, key pre-requisite being the objectives and approach to be in sync with Missing Bridge’s Mission.

Early Warning Mechanism (EWM) in collaboration with Early Warning Europe

This is a joint effort with EW Europe for the benefit of businesses with special focus on MSME’s and Start-ups. The objective here being early diagnosis of a distress situation through a well-established EWM techniques/ principles, picking up early signs of distress in an entity and providing necessary assistance on Management of the identified issues.