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Mediation is a voluntary process and is totally a collaborative process undertaken by the parties suitably aided by the Mediator/Neutral in order to find an amicable solution to the dispute between the parties. The entire process is very flexible and can be terminated by any party/stakeholder at any stage should any stakeholder choose not to move ahead. Mediator by virtue of the scope and the role, does not and cannot impose any of his views or opinion on either of the parties. The Mediation process is also very confidential and no information as disclosed or used during the said process can be used in the public or as evidence in a court of law. Also, the Mediator can never be summoned to the court as a witness regarding the said dispute and the related Mediation process. The parties explore and discover their own solutions (aided by the Mediator) and they themselves are solely responsible and accountable to each other due to the mutually accepted settlement agreement as is arrived by them /between them. If at all, the settlement agreement is required / expected /suggested / requested to be signed by the Mediator, that is only in the capacity as a Mediator to the process. The Mediator is not expected to and is not involved in the execution of the implementation of the settlement agreement in any which way. The parties solely are responsible and accountable to execute and adhere to the agreed terms and conditions which are part of the said settlement agreement.

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