Area of Focus

Conflict Prevention

At Missing Bridge, we advocate for a proactive approach to conflict management. Through Early Warning Mechanism, we emphasize the importance of early intervention and strategic planning to prevent disputes from escalating. Our tailored strategies help & guide stakeholders identify potential issues early on and implement preventive measures, thereby fostering a harmonious and productive environment. This would include having our conflict managers in the important (Negotiation) Meetings, Board Meetings, viewing & reviewing the agreements and contracts for the likely areas of disputes and conflicts.

Advocacy & Awareness Programs / Campaigns

Through awareness programs and campaigns, we engage in advocacy of Mediation, Negotiation and an effective Communication /Dialogue to prevent and handle the various types of disputes and conflicts. We are dedicated raising awareness about the benefits of alternative dispute resolution methods, (non-adversarial) and their crucial role in conflict resolution. Targeted awareness campaigns and educational initiatives, help us in our aim to empower individuals and organizations to proactively address conflicts, build stronger communities, and contribute to a more peaceful society.

Training & Workshops on Mediation & Negotiation, Effective Communication

We have in-house as well as associated experts & mediators who provide training and conduct workshops in the field of conflict management. We offer comprehensive programs, workshops, and courses that empower participants with conflict resolution skills. In addition to traditional training programs, our team excels in crafting customized training sessions to suit your specific needs. We have developed a highly successful two-day capsule course on the “Essentials of Mediation”, for various stakeholders across professionals and industries.

Guidance on Stalemate Situations

An unwanted situation, like a stalemate, in which any further action or progress by the parties so stuck, seems impossible, requires an out of the box thinking When you grapple with a similar stalemate situation and feel there is no other wayout except to bust or to maintain status quo, our team of Experts and Conflict Managers are there to help and guide to provide a fresh perspective to the situation and identify the potential solutions. They can provide the necessary support & guidance as they coordinate handling those situations arising due to Business & Commercial disputes or Interpersonal differences.

Early Warning Mechanism (EWM):

Whether it is a MSME or a Start-up, the early diagnosis of a distress situation helps arrest the slide in time. Through a well-established EWM techniques and principles (in collaboration with Early Warning Europe), we can help identify the early signs of distress in an entity and provide necessary assistance on Management of the specific issues.

Effective Communication, Negotiation & Mediation

At Missing Bridge, we have a team of seasoned Professionals, Mediators / Conflict Managers who excel in facilitating dialogue and the required negotiation process. Our goal is to help parties find solutions that are mutually beneficial and sustainable. We also help and assist parties to use the services of associated Mediation Service Providers who ensure a neutral and respectful environment where disputes can be resolved calmly and efficiently, offering an alternative to the traditional litigation.